What Is The Wear And Go Glueless Wigs

What Is The Wear And Go Glueless Wigs

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The popularity of Wear And Go Glueless Wigs can be credited to its 3 seconds super quick installation and realistic appearance. Well pre-cut hd lace, well pre-plucked, 100% glueless install, this game changer wig - wearing effortless for beginners while creating refined and flawless looks.

1. Zigzag Pre-cut HD Lace
The zigzag pre-cut lace is better than a straight cut. Zigzag cut further enhances the softness of the lace, it helps to seamlessly blend the wig with the wearer's natural hairline, providing a more natural look. It eliminates the need for the wearer to trim the lace themselves, saving time and effort. Avoid the damaging of wrong cut.

2. Very Natural Pre-plucked hairline
Wear And Go Wigs are hand plucked one by one by our professional hairstylists, implementing a gradual transition from the hairline to the back of lace, this helps achieve a more natural hairline.

3. Breathable And Fitted Base Cap
High breathability: apply hd lace front and 3d dome cap. The 3d dome cap is much better compared with regular base cap. The airy lace front and ventilation holes throughout the dome cap makes the base cap in high breathability and very comfortable to wear.

4. Upgrade Pre-bleached
Bleaching knots is necessory for more natural and realistic appearance. To fade the black knots on lace wig, our wig stylist apply advanced bleaching technique, and carefully bleached out the unnatural knots on wig. Save your time and avoid damaging from wrong bleaching process with our pre-bleached knots wear go wig.

5. 100% Glueless Install
The Wear And Go Human Hair Wigs is real 100% glueless to intall. With zigzag lace cut, and fitted and secure base cap, there are no tilt up, no baggy, the wig is super secure and fitted when wearing, you do not need any glue, or tape to install the wig.

6. 30s Install Wear and Go
All styling process are well done by our professional stylists, you can just wear it in seconds and go. No extra work needed, super easy and convenient to wear. Super secure and realistic.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit mslynnhair.com
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