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Key-Macro is a more complete and friendly replacement for KMyMoney and MoneyTracker. It works exactly like a chequebook and bankbook, but it is much more than that. This application can help you keep track of all your accounts and keep a close watch on your money. It is especially designed for DIY, freelancers and SMEs. Create and edit accounts, set budgets and track the progress of them. Export to file.
★ Accounts Management and Creation:
✔ Centralize all your accounts in a single database. Manage accounts like a chequebook and bankbook.
✔ History of accounts, transactions and payment
✔ Hide, or even delete accounts, or create new.
✔ Import data from Filemaker or LibreOffice Calc
✔ Auto-reconcile accounts when you change data in one of them
✔ Built-in reports and actions can help you save a lot of time.
✔ Budget allocation between accounts, receipts and expenses.
✔ Manage categories for one or more accounts.
✔ Define number of transactions to be done for each category.
✔ Compare current and target balances.
✔ Automatic debit or credit.
✔ Export to file.
✔ Automatically reconcile your accounts when transactions are done in your database.
✔ Complete your transactions and process them according to their rules.
✔ List all transactions, history or export to file.
✔ Plan and carry out transactions with custom transactions type and payment categories.
✔ Auto-transaction re-allocation.
✔ Define categories for one or more transactions.
✔ Set a frequency of budget re-distribution and filter transactions to avoid double payment.
✔ Generate several reports according to your needs.
✔ Provide custom payment types
✔ Send email to a customer when a payment is due
✔ Import any data from another database
✔ Export data to file
✔ Export to csv or sqlite file
✔ Export to.odt,.odp,.txt,.xls,.jpg
✔ Export to Excel
✔ Export to a personal or custom report
✔ Export to csv or sqlite file
✔ Export to a personal or custom report
✔ Export to file
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